• Is the recruiting process time consuming and when should the recruiting process start for an athlete? Yes, it’s a full-time job, not a hobby or a I will get to it but probably forget about its project. Your sons time is ticking. At RC I feel the time to start the recruiting process is at the beginning of Freshmen year using your club playing content.

  • Why should the recruiting process start at the Freshmen year, what if they player is not ready to perform in front of coaches? At RC we feel it’s better to get in front of coaches and programs you’re wanting to play at as soon as possible. If they don’t perform at a D1 level when they are a Freshmen, it’s ok. If you wait until the Junior Summer, that’s two years of other players getting in front of the college your son wants to play at and by attending coach invites as a Freshmen, this will give a coach the opportunity to see the development over 4 years of hard work! This exposure is priceless!

  • Just a thought, when attending a non-college coach invite showcase, where coaches are physically present, will your athlete truly get noticed at a traditional showcase where coaches are not all present or view player information from a group text or live video feed from the tournament? Do you feel it’s better for your prospect to be seen by coaches and invited to come attend their coaches showcase, this way they can interact with you, or do you feel spending $1000s of dollars on showcase to not fully be seen is the way to go?

  • Why a 6-month or a 1-year requirement with the College Prospect Program, it’s a lot of work and a long process to get noticed and hopefully play college sports. If getting recruited was as easy as signing up to a showcase that had 400 other players getting only their measurables done and not actually playing a game or multiple games in front of colleges coaches, then it should be simple and quick process to get recruited and play college sports.