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What can you expect from Recruiting Coach?

Recruiting Coach is here to help guide as an advocate, your next softball, high school, or transfer student-athlete discover their top options for both athletic and academic success.

What can you expect from Recruiting Coach? Here are some of the services and advocate programs will offer and provide to all student athletes looking to join Recruiting Coach.

  • Free Player profile.
  • Player profile with skills video, headshot, bio, and transcripts.
  • Individualized college coach contact, when using our Advocate Prospect Package. Let us do the work for you
  • Unlimited online video library.
  • Guidance and help with marketing your social media posts.
  • Much more!

Recruiting Info

Getting recruited now is much different from any other time in history!

Our customizable Athlete Portal was built for you to contact and get noticed by college coaches to help you find the right school for you.

Recruiting Coach is dedicated to the standards of the student-athlete, guiding and simplifying the recruiting process with our unmatched services and technology!

We can promote you on this site, social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and connect your student athlete using our database to thousands of active college coaches in our database, which is updated monthly.

If it’s moving along slower than expected and you are late in the recruiting process, we can call one of our college coaching friends that you may be a good fit for.

Recruiting Coach will be with you on your recruiting journey from Start to Signing!

Attending specific college camps can also be a good thing! Pick the top 5 schools you want to attend and attend their camp! The truth is, it's hard to get noticed if they don’t know you’re coming or if you DON’T PERFORM like the top 5% of the players at the college camp.

Make sure your club coach HAS REACHED OUT to the college coach and let them know you’re coming and to keep an eye out for you, or you’re just a number during a showcase.

If they can’t do it, we can!